Nazzaro Design welcomes licensing opportunities for a variety of applications including fabric, home goods, wallcoverings, stationery, and apparel. You can find me on Instagram under my name, Luisa Nazzaro and Nazzaro Design, on Patternfield, Artonomo, and LinkedIn. Additional collections, designs, sizes, and colorways are available upon request. 


Heritage East Collection

Influenced by folklore, geography, fauna, flora, traditional art, food and architecture, the heritage east autumn collection incorporates motifs inspired by South Korean culture and tradition. Immerse yourself in the rich colors and imagery of the east in this collection from Nazzaro Design.


Desert Dreaming Collection

Lose yourself in the rugged beauty of the American Southwest. Desert Dreaming brings to life the earthen colors, unique plants, and animal life found in the painted desert landscape. Escape to blue skies and magical moments this special collection.


Love In Abundance Collection

The Love in Abundance collection celebrates inclusion, equality, and diversity in two colorways: Pride and Strength. This lively, lovely collection will bring color and smiles everywhere it is used!